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The Sailor

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Poetry


There in the distance
a bright summer day
all of the angels
have come out to play

over the water
the shimmering waves
tapping their rhythm
against the lost caves

look over yonder
the yards are up high
the boat dares to heel
as it sails high tide

the sailor within
glances below
seeing the reflection
of all he had known

sees the angels dancing
and frolicking near
he’s hoping to join them
in less than a year

But duty does call
and his work he must do
wishing and praying
for what the angels do.

Yet until he discovers
the freedom within,
there’ll be no escaping
his eternal sin.

So keep sailing, my sailor
till the answer you’ll find
and finally discover,
you are one of a kind.

If Opportunity

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Poetry


If opportunity doesn’t come
knocking to shine its grace
upon the grand total sum
Of your existence in space,

Perhaps you might consider
For just a moment or two
If you have set the table proper
To welcome it should it ring true.



I’m not a man of many words
just scrawling letters through the turns
I don’t have any clever lines for you.
As the seed grew up to be a rose
I traveled down the road I chose
And now its brought me right here next to you.

Come away with me my dearest gal
We’ll canvass the world from here to hell
Life is great so long as you are here with me.
As the night turns into day
As the colors fade revealing grey
Together we’ll discover what it means to be free.

As we sail through the darkness
I’ll be for you a guiding light.
Should we encounter evil demons,
For our lives, till death, I’ll fight.
As we battle through the lightning,
Through the thunder and the rain
I’ll cover and I’ll shield you
Through the dangers just the same

As for me you are a saving grace
A heaven found in mundane space
The angel I have always hoped was not a dream
After the dawn the grass will shine with dew
The winding road has brought me here to you
And together we shall make a winning team.

The Dream

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Poetry

From the darkness it comes
Crashing. Dissolving the thoughts
Into your head. From nothing it forms
New perspectives which you never sought.

Out of daylight it glistens
With concepts fresh from the grove
Now you hope someone listens
To what’s become your new-found love.

You never asked for it to come
from the darkness that night.
Now it’s not over till its done
It’s not done till its right.

It consumes you like fire, burning
In the summer eve. Evolving again,
Into a phoenix in your soul, surviving.
It’s not a matter of if, just a question of when.

A man can dream

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Poetry

With all the suffering we see
In the world around us
If for a moment we could be
Let happiness surround us,
Perhaps for just a moment
Perhaps a little more
All the pain and torment,
Will leave forever more.

A man can dream, even at night
Of a time without this anguish
Of a time when all is bright
And nothing could extinguish
The positive and happy thoughts
That live within our streets
After so many battles fought
Would it really be such a feat?

So oft I hear the question asked:
Why does he have more than me?
Why do I live a beggar’s life
While he swims in luxury.

These questions swim around my world
And yet I keep moving on
I try my best to ignore the noise
And dance off to my own invented song

Thus while they all keep asking
The questions which they ask
I’ll be building my own beauty
And in the sunlight bask.

Rewards aren’t given for the asking.
One must invent them on their own
Hard work, sweat, tears, and dedication
Are the seeds from which success is sown.

While their questions keep them busy,
I sit and plot my victory
And one day looking back at this they claim
It was forever his destiny.



If someone were to ever stroll
Through the alleyways inside my mind
And find all the things that took their toll
What would they think of what they find? (more…)

Friend of Fair Weather

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Poetry

Sometimes I sit and ponder,
On a night when out of the blue,
You reach out to me in wonder
Asking what I’m about to do.

I ponder why so suddenly,
When for weeks I haven’t heard
from you, yet now you are so chatty
chirping away like a little bird.

Sometimes I wonder if,
We are friends only when
You are in need, frightened stiff
Only those times you seek me again.

So tell me, Oh friend of fair weather,
What can I do for you tonight?
I know we wont be sitting together,
So tell me, am I right?

It won’t be easy

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Poetry

It won’t be easy.
But in the end its worth the squeeze.
The road is rough
The sun feels like a tease

I promise you
On all that I hold dear
When the journey ends
The truth will remain clear.

Keep on moving
Climbing to the top
No exception, no excuses
Never a reason to stop.

Take The Helm

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Poetry


Joos van Craesbeeck (circa 1605–circa 1654/1661) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dear friend of times so long forgotten,
My mind travels to your warmth once more
My soul in this cold weather became rotten,
Again I plead outside your icy door. (more…)



A dilemma lies before me
On a rusty dirty blade,
A long process to derive
Which decision’s to be made, (more…)

A quiet night, read by candle light
Not another person found in sight
But I can’t escape those thoughts inside
My world spins like a whirlwind
Don’t even know where to begin
Frightened by darkness I don’t dare to find (more…)

Take the road less traveled,
While the snow is still white.
Before the day has unraveled,
Before the dawn kills the night. (more…)

Memories burning like fires in the cold,
Flaring up pictures that shatter the soul.
While the heat of the embers soothes broken hearts
Smoke floods our eyes and tears us apart.

Remembering blindly, I still see it all
After the battle the strong had to fall,
Forever these memories shall stain our minds,
Taking us out with the ebb of the tides.

Even in moments, surrounded by friends,
We feel alone, and lost without end.
Perhaps with the sun, we shall find a new day
Find a new life, discover new ways.

But Alas!, the sun sets, and again it is dark,
The stains still persist, the details stark.
I remember the moments in which I caused you pain,
And all of my remedies had failed in vain.

Seems there’s a painful and terrible truth:
Not all the mistakes which we make in our youth
Can be fixed or repaired, try as you will,
The stains and the scars will remain with you still.

Time, the fair dame she might be,
Can dull the pain, make scars harder to see,
The divine may forgive what the mind can’t forget,
But it’s up to you to let go of regret.



Hello my friend. Here we are once more on the final pages of this chapter in our lives. The pages scrawled with the tales of times we’ve lived.  As you can see, the new chapter, those pale blank white pages up ahead are already unfolding. They are beckoning us to move forward and greet them with open arms. However before we move on, we must as all humans do, reminisce on that which was. We stand here on the spine between the chapters, trying to move forward but those memories are holding us back.

Those memories. Those wonderful happy times . The hours spent in laughter with friends, family, significant others. Those terrible times of pain or sorrow. The moments we wish never to think of again. But here we stand between the then and the now and we see all those moments once more.

The chapter behind us will forever be a part of us. We will never lose it. The lessons it taught will help in defining who we are. However we cannot allow it to dominate our existence. Our existence lies in that chapter ahead. Its blank pages staring us in the eyes. Frightening us to our very core as we know not what will soon fill those pages.

But HALT! not all is grim in that which is not known. The unknown, if we embrace it, tends to be the most exciting experience of our lives. What lies ahead my as yet better all that came before. What lies behind was merely there in preparation for what awaits us in these pages to come.

Here we are again, old friend, just the two of us. Sitting and dreaming of where we’ve been and where we are going.  We’ve shared plenty of moments filled with great laughter, and quite a few filled with tears. And in all that we had each other. Without the support of each other we would never have made it to where we are.

And here, as we go ahead I make this promise to you, old friend. Wherever these next pages take us, wherever we may land, whatever may be scrawled to fill the blanks, when the time comes, and you need to sit together once more, I will be at your service.

So go forth, my friend. Go forth and take care. Embrace the adventure that lies ahead and know that you do not walk the streets alone. I share in your experiences, both good and bad, and I support your endeavours. I believe in your capacity to succeed and I believe in your ability to make the most of this fine new chapter.

One day we will look back upon the chapter that now only lies ahead, and we will recall fondly all that we have done. Until that day, hold your head high, and go forth.


Wishing you all a happy new year,

With love and affection for all,

Daniel Allen