A Quiet Night…

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Poetry
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A quiet night, read by candle light
Not another person found in sight
But I can’t escape those thoughts inside
My world spins like a whirlwind
Don’t even know where to begin
Frightened by darkness I don’t dare to find

And while the wind is still blowing,
And while the fire is still burning,
All my thoughts, they turn to you.
Though the all the colors are turning,
Though all changes are growing,
Despite the red, I’m feeling blue.

I walk outside and I look around,
Is all hope lost, could it be found,
But I can’t escape your frozen eyes.
Searching for light in a darkened space,
Seeking a smile on a frowning face
There’s not even sun in the greyest skies.

When you walked away from me
I decided it wasn’t meant to be
I had convinced myself that this was true
But here I stand in the winter’s cold
Time is passing, and the story’s told
Who thought that I’d be missing you.

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