Archive for the ‘Poetry’ Category a little corner bistro, at  the table on the right
sat a little girl, dark hair, blue eyes,
She sat there all night.
In front of her a dark bound notebook,
A foolish boy once gave to her
lay open with a pencil dainty in her fingers crook
Pondering and thinking, she sits and scrawls about
whatever little thought will pass her
while filling her with doubt.
She never had imagined, it would one day come to this
Dilemmas, problems issues growing
Stealing her happiness and bliss.
A dozen flowers laying scattered
At that table on the right
beside them, the pieces of her heart, shattered.

The lion’s roar of thunder
Kept them up that night,
Kept them all at wonder
Stayed with them till the light
And still the rain kept falling.

He sat home by the candle writing
He only thought of her,
This was no silly fling
He dared not speak the meaning
He kept hidden in his soul
He burned and suffered through the spring
Try as he might, he didn’t dare
to share his inner feeling
Her broken heart he would try to spare.
No one should have to burn
As he was burning there
And then perhaps she’ll learn
The meaning of the longing stare
he gave her when they sat together,
While his presence she could still bare.

The lion’s roar of thunder
Kept them up that night,
Kept them all at wonder
Stayed with them till the light
And still the rain kept falling. know.
I know you’ve heard all the clever lines before.
I know that’s why you’ve said never more.
I know the pieces are still scattered, a million pieces
I know what was left is now smoldering ashes.
I know what I ask is difficult right now.
I know distance is all decency shall allow.

I promise.
I promise my words do not stand empty
I promise I’ll be there at your every plea
I promise to fit the pieces back together.
I promise I’ll try to make it better.
I promise to put out life’s festering fires.
I promise to do whatever your happiness requires.

I say this here, I say it now
I hope you can believe it, somehow
On my face, you always put a smile,
And for you, I’ll go that extra mile
No matter the mood, bright or blue,
My dearest girl, I want to be with you.

Its easy

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Poetry
Tags: , , , , , , ,’s easy to lie in anguish,
Demolished and depressed.
To let it all diminish
To dwindle, self-oppressed.

The real challenge lies
In finding good despite it all
To break out from the old disguise,
To let it go, build up, stand tall.

True Happiness will not be discovered,
Unless you go in search by day and night.
Even a smile can be hard to uncover
If you aren’t willing to put up the fight.

Imagine how much better it would be
If we all suddenly stopped the contempt,
And shared with each a smile free
it won’t cure the pain, but at least it’s an attempt.

on the sailing center

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Poetry

Unlock the gates and put out the rings,
The boat hooks hang on the wall while
The garage door rails squeak and sing.

The docks need a scrub from the gifts of the geese
And the boats need a bail, courtesy of the rain
clipboards, and don’t forget the sign in sheets

Patrons and sailors, young and old
Walk in through the gate to find their sail
Some knowingly timid, some foolishly bold.

To each a method, for every a boat
education, recreation, here to help and teach
The student, the senior, the child in a coat.

The sailing center proud though small
Happy to be there from the sunny may
Through till the freeze in the fall.



I  stay awake at night too often
Hiding in awareness from the demons
That live behind the shutter of my eyes.
I dare not venture deep into the darkness
Where I know they lay in waiting
Forming plans, deceit and lies.

The nightmare I live is far too real
To explain to those who cannot see
The visions I am plagued with every night.
And when I dare to fall into a slumber
Apparently snoozing the night away,
My mind dares not risk to lose the fight.

It battles all throughout the hours
Against enemies, fears and dreams
Which shake me to the core.
Visions of ghastly evil
penetrate my heart and soul
And should I lose, I shall awaken…


What is hidden

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Poetry
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What is hidden in flowers that are given with care
By a starstruck lover whenever he dare?
A feeling, a hope, a dream dreamt in solace
A promise, a vow, an honest open bareness,
The expression of truth which words cannot relate
The display of affection, an emotional state.
So much is given in just a few stems
Don’t take them for granted like so many fems
Appreciate each one, as though ‘twer his heart
For by giving them to you, he tore it apart.
From within his soul, he pulled it together
In hopes you’d see, you would feel and remember.
He may not have much to give, and he knows
But this is just one way his feelings he shows.

Can you hear

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Poetry
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Image: The Rain Room Is Unveiled At The Curve Inside The Barbican CentreCan you hear the rain outside?
It taps out the rhythm of my heart
And even in the darkest hour I can’t hide
The way I feel when we’re apart.

The clouds cover the morning rays
And somewhere a bird is calling
Perhaps soon, together we shall spend our days
There is no stopping, I have fallen.

And should you suddenly decide
You want me much the same
Then the torrent rain outside
Shall bring us joy most every day

I__m_Walking_On_Sunshine_by_faerie_angelGood morning my sunshine,
The girl of my dreams
Whose brilliant smile can set minds at ease.
Good morning my lady,
the one I adore
With a heart of great softness, kind to the core.
Good morning fair maiden
Above all the rest.
I’m standing in waiting
To pass your every test.

Perhaps this morning,
My words will open your heart
And together we’ll walk, never apart.
Perhaps this fine day
You’ll welcome me in
And our wonderful times shall at once begin
Perhaps on the morrow,
When the sun still sets low
We’ll embrace, warm and tender, and nary let go.

It only takes

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Poetry

It only takes a little care
a little worry, a little wear
It only takes a little try
A little push, a little cry. (more…)

Keep Telling Me

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Poetry

Keep telling me all the things I hate to hear,
They ways in which my failure is guaranteed.
Nothing fosters victory more than my own tears
As I fight to prove you wrong, to make you see.

The victory that lies ahead will come at your expense,
As you realize how wrong you were to say such foul things
The clarity is there, I get it, you are dense,
That won’t stop me from climbing, it’s not over till she sings.

One Spark

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Poetry

One spark to light the flame,
That’s all it takes
One spark to break the chain
Eliminate the fakes.

Keep fighting for the dream
To see the morning light
Keep fighting for the dream,
The future looks alright.

You want to wait

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Poetry
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You want to wait until forever
What if forever never comes
and all you waiting gets you nowhere
You can’t keep waiting for the perfect sunny day
all the chances might come together fade away
Just because you faltered, didn’t dare (more…)

It started with a word,
You said it when you met me
And then my world turned
So I’d like to tell you three.

That day you said “hello”
Your blue eyes smiled softly,
Now you want to go,
Too much rum in my coffee.

I never said those three.
The three words I’ve been thinking
Will they set me free?
This ship ‘s bound to sinking

Those three words are burning
Yet their meaning remains true,
And as my world ‘s turning,

Dare I say : I love you

The Sailor

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Poetry


There in the distance
a bright summer day
all of the angels
have come out to play

over the water
the shimmering waves
tapping their rhythm
against the lost caves

look over yonder
the yards are up high
the boat dares to heel
as it sails high tide

the sailor within
glances below
seeing the reflection
of all he had known

sees the angels dancing
and frolicking near
he’s hoping to join them
in less than a year

But duty does call
and his work he must do
wishing and praying
for what the angels do.

Yet until he discovers
the freedom within,
there’ll be no escaping
his eternal sin.

So keep sailing, my sailor
till the answer you’ll find
and finally discover,
you are one of a kind.

If Opportunity

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Poetry


If opportunity doesn’t come
knocking to shine its grace
upon the grand total sum
Of your existence in space,

Perhaps you might consider
For just a moment or two
If you have set the table proper
To welcome it should it ring true.