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We Have Learned To Fly

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Marey_-_birdsThe sun had hidden in the shadows
The stars were shining bright;
They were sitting in the darkness
By the television light.

Though life had its problems,
They simply didn’t care,
Nothing really mattered
While they were sitting there.


As the embers turn to ashes
And the flames begin to die
While the stars kept shining,
We have learned to fly; yes we have learned to fly

They were staring at the moonlight
Chasing shadows on the wind,
And if the colors faded,
they knew they’d understand.

But for now, they saw a rainbow,
Burning brightly in the dark,
Dancing by the moonlight,
Near the river in the park.

He holds her in the twilight,
She holds him tighter still,
They keep this dance from ending,
Until they’ve had their fill.

He sees that shining smile
She looks into his eyes
The world starts its spinning,
As they burn the skies.

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