From the Beginning…

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Introductions
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I have been writing for many years.  I suppose that in and of itself is nothing special. Many people write. In fact, it is difficult to get through grade school without having written something. Quite a bit of something, really. Massive lengthy essays, the majority of which no one particularly cared about then nor now. This, of course, uses a rather simple and boring definition of writing. It assumes that all that is required for writing is the placement of thoughts to paper. It ignores the magic that happens when those thoughts are put into words and those words into sentences, those sentences into the paragraphs of prose or lines of poetry. It ignores the essence of the writer, who opens up his heart and soul and deliver his message. There is always a message. Whether the author is sharing something about his life, or something about people, about humanity, about the world, there is always something the author meant by the text.

I have been writing for many years. Many things have prompted me to write. Sometimes its something someone said, other times its something someone did. Events both minor and major evoke thought if one were only to pause and consider what those events are, what they mean to oneself, what they mean to others, how they affect the environment that surrounds them.

Enough about writing? I suppose it is. However, writing is precisely what I’ll be doing here. You see, I have been writing for many years. But never with a purpose. Primarily, I write poetry, though I have written prose as well.  I have written extensively, but always afraid to share. Oh sure, some of my friends will point out that I periodically shared some sample or other of my writings, but in truth the greater majority of what I have written was only presented as useful for tinder.

The time has come to change that.  We are slowly approaching the new year. Its a time of introspection, calibration and motivation. A time to make changes which will change the rest of the year and perhaps even the rest of your life.  With this new year, I shall join everyone else in taking upon myself some of these changes. These may or may not be revealed as this blog progresses. However this one I will share with you today. Of course I understand that the new year is still two months away, but why wait? Why not start today? I’ll start sharing certain things, posting retrospectives and a few other things now. However the true purpose of this blog will begin January 1st, 2014.

What is this purpose? Now we have reached the pinnacle of this post. The purpose of this blog. This is how I shall begin sharing. You see, I have been writing for many years. But I have never shared what I have written with the world. Starting this coming new year, I shall post a new piece every day. I make no promise as to its length or depth. I make no promise as to its genre, style, approach, or its applicability to daily life.  Here is what I do promise: A post every day this year. A year in letters. Three Hundred Sixty Five letters over three hundred sixty five days that will come together for you to enjoy.

Come and embark with me on this journey through the coming year. Come and share in  the tears, the joy, the sorrow, the laughter, the heat of triumph and the deep freeze of failure as they happen over the course of the year.  Come join me now, from the beginning.

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