If someone were to ever stroll

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Poetry
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If someone were to ever stroll
Through the alleyways inside my mind
And find all the things that took their toll
What would they think of what they find?

There is no light inside my head,
It burned out so many years ago
As I lay here on my solitary bed
I can watch the darkness grow.

If their stroll results in madness
Is it me or they who have lost their soul?
Will it cause joy or fill their hearts with sadness?
Why did they come, what was their goal?

Somewhere in those shadowed pathways
I can hear the voices calling out to me
Perhaps this traveler can find their ways
To silence the screams and set me free.

I do not know where they’d be going
Nor why they came to me at all.
I can promise it won’t be even remotely boring
Just be careful, how high was the entry fall?

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