So Many Hours

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Poetry

Every morning the sun rises in the east
Lighting the world for every creature and beast
It asks nothing in return for the service it renders
Yet we waste its hours, we give up, we surrender.

There are only so many hours in a day
We find every method to squander them away
Each waking moment can be made into so much more
If we opened our eyes, if we walked out the door.

Take a chance when you wake up, Take a leap of faith
Challenge the titan, go on, battle the wraith
As you change your perception of the world you’re in
You’ll notice the world change, mold to your whim.

You have the strength inside you, the power lies within,
It sleeps dormant, waiting, breathing, patience wearing thin,
Take a determined step forward, draw upon that strength.
Take what lies within you, believe, go the length.

And like the sun, when you raise a grand show,
Do not seek accolades or praise from those below,
For the higher that one rises, in the west or in the east,
So much the fall is harder when you slip, or fight the beast.


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