Take The Helm

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Poetry


Joos van Craesbeeck (circa 1605–circa 1654/1661) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dear friend of times so long forgotten,
My mind travels to your warmth once more
My soul in this cold weather became rotten,
Again I plead outside your icy door.

Its been so long since I have left you,
My fair travels have been far from fair.
They brought me here, in hand a brew.
I stare it down and wonder if I dare.

My life of late has been composed of snoozing,
half time of work, the other half in dreams of sleep.
So many hours I waste imbibing, drinking, boozing
So many treasures I forgot, never more to keep.

I stare at this cold glass which sits beside me.
The dark liquor reflects shadows on the wall
Here it is, the truth revealed for all to see
In light or dark even the hero has to fall.

I raise this heavy glass and once more to think
Of the times we shared together all those years
We know how many times I tried to sink,
Put and end to the pain and suffering and tears.

As happiness eludes me now as always
I dare to call upon a different toast this day
To you, my friend, I shall sing my praise,
For you were always there, and here to stay.

So here it is, a toast to you, my friend.
May happiness never be a stranger in your realm
May we rejoice together to the final end
So here’s to you, my friend, please, Take the Helm.

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