After A Snowfall

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Poetry
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Take the road less traveled,
While the snow is still white.
Before the day has unraveled,
Before the dawn kills the night.

Enjoy the quiet solitude
Found within its white lane.
Take a chance to think, to brood
Will you make a change or keep it all the same.

The virgin snow cares not
What direction you will take
Though it may carry you to rot
Or a brighter future make.

Take the time, if only for a breath,
After a snowfall cries
Think not of pain or death
But of what in the sunlight lies.

Think of moments when laughter,
Filled your heart up to the brim
Keep that thought during disaster
When the world seems dark and grim.

Perhaps in this silent passage
Through the shadow of the dark
You may find your message
And discover a brand new spark.

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