So often we walk side by side,
Wondering what the other has to hide,
Before we even dare to say a thing.
Every time you turn away,
Every word you had to say
I didn’t think the truth could sting.

Even now, since you’ve gone
I can’t help myself, I can’t move on
Till I tell you how I feel
You may think you know it all,
Even the best at one point fall
And the deepest wounds will heal

Just remember. I want you to remember.
Despite the way we severed
I will never let you go.
All those days I was there for you,
And today its the same way too
I just wanted you to know.

And if the earth stopped turning,
The fires stopped burning,
In the cold of a winter’s day
I would hold you so tight
Give you warmth how I might
And beg that you would stay.

Stay for another day.

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