The Sailor

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Poetry


There in the distance
a bright summer day
all of the angels
have come out to play

over the water
the shimmering waves
tapping their rhythm
against the lost caves

look over yonder
the yards are up high
the boat dares to heel
as it sails high tide

the sailor within
glances below
seeing the reflection
of all he had known

sees the angels dancing
and frolicking near
he’s hoping to join them
in less than a year

But duty does call
and his work he must do
wishing and praying
for what the angels do.

Yet until he discovers
the freedom within,
there’ll be no escaping
his eternal sin.

So keep sailing, my sailor
till the answer you’ll find
and finally discover,
you are one of a kind.

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